Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New Blog Award!

Hello everybody! I was having one of those days yesterday you know...I had a terrible headache in the morning, couldn't make it to my yoga class and had such a grumpy attitude. Suddenly, I received this wonderful surprise; Meeha Meeha gave me the So Sweet Blog Award! :) If I was already feeling better this definitely took off my grumpiness. It's lovely to receive awards, and when you get it from a blogger that inspires you with each post she writes well, it just can't get better...Meeha Meeha is such great blog, you have to go there, her taste for interior design is stunning, if you add that to great photos's just a burst of colorful inspiration!

¡Hola! Ayer estaba teniendo uno "de esos días" si saben a lo que me refiero...Tenía un terrible dolor de cabeza en la mañana, ni siquiera pude ir a mi clase de yoga y me la pasé con una actitud tan gruñona..De pronto, recibo esta linda sorpresa; Meeha Meeha me da el premio So Sweet Blog Award! :) Si ya me estaba sintiendo mejor, esto definitivamente me quitó lo gruñetas. Es tan genial recibir premios, y cuando lo recibes de alguien que te inspira cada ves que la lees bueno, pues no puede ser mejor...Meeha Meeha es un blog genial, tienen que ir a verla, tiene un gusto para el diseño de interiores increíble y si a eso le añades unas fotos excelentes, pues ¡es pura inspiración de colores!

Well, now I'm going to pass this award on to:
Ahora voy a pasar el premio a:

Mr. Wool
Creative Chaos
Que lío de hilo
Buscando comienzos

Hugs to these lovely bloggers, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 
Un abrazo a estas queridas blogueras, espero que las disfruten tanto como yo.

All you have to do is 
1. Put the award on your blog
2. Thank the blogger who gave you the award (hehehe)
3. Pass the award to 5 other blogs of your choice. (with less than 200 followers...oops)

Lo úico que necesitan hacer es
1. Poner el premio en su blog
2. Agradecer a la bloguera que les dio el premio (jijiji)
3. Pasar el premio a otros 5 blogs que escojan. (con menos de 200 seguidores...oops)

Have a lovely afternoon!¡Que tengan buena tarde!


  1. Way to go, Andrea! :)
    I forgot to write that the award goes to blogs with less than 200 followers, I'm really sorry for this mistake but it just slipped my mind. Please be kind and update your post, too :)

    1. Oops a guess a couple of the ones I chose have a bit more than 200 followers :P

  2. Oh! así da gusto empezar la mañana y terminar la semana!! MIL GRACIAS! Y Enhorabuena!


  3. Oh wow!!!! thanks so much darling Andrea! i got very slow with answering emails so this morning I decided to go through all the built-up before hanging around on other blogs... And then i get such a wonderful surprise!!!
    biiiiiig hug to you
    ps: love the neon necklace!

  4. Just saw the comment about the 200 followers... won't take it then but am very happy and honored that you thought me worthy of an award

    1. I know :(...I knew about the 200 followers only after I had already chosen the blogs (I would have given it to your blog nonetheless :P) Just want to let you know how much I love reading you!

  5. Gracias Andrea, eres un sol, me encanta que te acuerdes de mi, un besazo!!!!

  6. No hay nada más agradable que saber que se acuerdan de una.
    Gracias,Andrea y que recibas muchos más!!!


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