Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm pregnant

Haha Just kiddin’!! Ok, don’t leave; don’t be mad, (don’t get a stroke mom!)…Just a tiny joke. Well, I am sort of “pregnant”…. but just in a creative way ok? Keep reading and I’ll explain.

This year has been crazy so far, don’t ya think? There is a huge transformational energy going on. I know many of you are feeling this as well. Ever since the year started I’ve been in “birthing mode” for what seems to be the next step in my life (feels like a stairway to me!). We are building our own house + I’m finally going through the kundalini yoga teacher certification + I’ve been slowly gathering all the different splintered pieces of myself (that you might recall from my vocational doubt post) and joining them one by one, gently and with kindness. I knew I was not gonna figure it all out in an eyelash so I’m taking my time. Slowly (although not as slowly as I expected) things are starting to flow. 

I love transformation!
This journey is amazing; I feel so much joy even though I’ve been constantly going through doubt and fear. I guess that’s what goes on when you’re growing. I know I haven’t been here a lot lately, (birthing doesn’t leave much space in my brains to figure out what to post!), but you’ve all supported me in ways you can’t possibly imagine. HUGE thanks for that. This is why you’re gonna be the firsts to know when my “pregnancy period” comes to an end, and of course you’ll be the guests of honor in the welcome-to-the-world party….Hope you will join me in this transition.

Today, I’m ready to share the first piece of this new puzzle, still in diapers but about to get out there….Our world is going through great change and we women are playing the main roles in this picture. I know you feel this too. We are gathering in grater, more joyous ways than ever. We are healing together, sharing our stories and our wisdom pearls with each other. Communities of women are gathering all over the world and online to figure out feminine ways to make sh** happen, a.k.a soulful businesses, personal transformation, holistic health, prosperity, and everyday solutions to our messy life. This is why I’ve dedicated the past months to building a cozy-little-soul-centered space for us women to unite in the blissfulness of STITCHING!! (read knitting-crocheting-embroidering)……Drumroll please…I present to you El Club de las Puntadas!! (The Club of the Stitches...something like that..)

It is my highest hope that the Club will turn out to be way more than just stitching. Its’ true purpose is to provide a sacred circle in which to gather and share our “nuggets of truth” in community. Sounds cool, right? Will you join us? Our first circle will take place on March 8 (women’s day) in the Sat Nam Yoga Center, downtown Oaxaca at 5 pm. If you want to join please RSVP here to get more details and the exact address J Hurray!!

Thank you for being round here and wait for the next big thing on my creative birthing! I’ll be pleased to share it all with you in the appropriate time…. (hint: our home is almost ready!).



  1. Congratulations, Andrea, the Club of Stitches is a wonderful initiative and a precious spiritual child, indeed! I wish you all the good luck in the world with this new project and I can't wait to see images of the beauty that you create together!

  2. I wish you the best for this "newborn"!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  3. Caracoloax!! Tienes otro premio en mi blog para tí! No paro de darte sorpresas como esta.... besos preciosa!

  4. How wonderful! I would so love to join you and wish you all the very very very best! Also great that you are doing the Yoga teacher cert, it is so worthwhile!
    Big hug dear Andrea, i do feel like i am gathering with you regularly, even if it is 'just' in cyberspace xxx

    1. Thank you Jutta! You gotta love the internet...I also feel like we're gathering every now and then. I imagine both of us having tea together (each one in front of her laptop ha!)


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